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TNation Team Springtime: Development and Emerging Events

Before scorching summer hits the Belgrade pavement, TNation organises new events within the company. Every spring, we plan activities to balance a connection between the work and the TNation team culture. Some have become annual events, and others are new contests and benefits for the TNation teams at this time of the year.


Competition Prepares us for Best Moves.

In TNation, we offer nearshoring services and support strategic thinking. After all, tactics are the basis of developing software and coding as our primary activity. The name of the game we repeat each year is – chess tournament. For the first time in years, a match takes place online. The contest is well underway, with fourteen participants competing for the winning title.

The last tournament winner, Branislav Stefanović, says he eagerly anticipated the contest day. “I look forward to meeting my rivals. I am ready to play and win the tournament. I presume it is the same for other participants who are prepared to engage with all their strength. May the best chess player win!”


Creativity Forms us a Better Team Dynamics.

At the end of last year, the influence of COVID-19 pandemics changed daily life and how we perceive our health. Although we already offer private health insurance, the company now provides additional benefits to all employees. After a brief consideration, we included a preventive annual systematic examination to help our colleagues preserve their health and welcome the summer holidays carefree.

Before everyone decides where to spend sunny days, we organise another event that might spark a creative side of the staff. “Capture a Moment of Happiness” is a photo prize game to unleash our creative potentials and enhance our daily rhythm. We invited our colleagues to send us their photos showing how they spent the Easter holidays and the 1st of May.

Any photograph they want to share with us, including the youngest family members, will remain a TNation team’s memory. The employees can vote through the employee form. At the same time, the Facebook page will provide an already tested way for family, colleagues and friends support.

We will organise a Google Meet in the week of 10th till the 15th of May to announce the creativity winners. All winners will have their prizes delivered to their home address.


Development Lets us Enjoy the New Projects and Improve Nearshoring Services.

While we enjoy good fun, we also appreciate upgrading knowledge. We are an outsourcing company and communicate with clients worldwide. Our colleagues from the HR department devised an online English course for interested employees. 

As much as skill development is essential for communication with clients, we hope that benefits will not stop at learning but become a way of socialising and strengthening colleagues’ connection. 

As two-month coursework progresses, new projects are in sight. We already started working on two of them. Clients from the UK and Denmark allowed us to work on exciting tasks from fintech, business solutions and process automation.

As the business and projects are growing, so too does our team of dedicated developers. In the last couple of months, we have formed start-up groups. We expect two more projects in the following months and therefore plan to expand our software development team.

New projects and team members are still an open topic in the company. Currently, we are looking to fill out a vacant position for Senior .NET Developer.


TNation moved to work remotely due to pandemics situation, all the while the team culture lives on. It is not something that resides within the office space. It is a part of its employees and the values they share with the company.


TNation is a software development company offering nearshoring services. If you require extended software development teams, contact us here, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions. 

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