Autumn – the Season of Laughter for TNation Teams

TNation offers nearshore and offshore software development services. Since the day we opened our doors, we have run on talent. Experts in software development pass the careful hiring process of our recruitment team. And the gears keep turning for more than seven years. 

Each department in the company has contributed to the company’s success, from driven management, energetic software development teams to compassionate HR departments. That does not mean that we forgot all other departments and our coworkers. On the contrary, we believe they are the best ingredients for a successful software development company today while celebrating our seventh anniversary. 

TNation teams are the ones that help a company achieve its goals. They are also the reason why many client organisations resolved their software problems. By being a part of the team developing ideas into reality, those organisations are now joining the race of successful businesses in the competitive market. That means that they often communicate with client representatives. 

One of the reasons TNation organised a second online English course for employees. Previous experience showed several benefits for all participants. In addition to learning and advancing in knowledge and self-confidence, there was socialising and a laughter-induced atmosphere.

In addition, this year’s work anniversary was highly entertaining thanks to our colleague who decided to entertain his colleagues spontaneously. This year the mini-me custom dolls were undoubtedly remembered by the giggles coming from TNation corridors. 

There is never a dull moment in the company. This year, our fellow film lovers had an opportunity to enjoy the TNation movie projection of the Dune 2021. The science-fiction movie received many comments while having the movie theatre all to ourselves. 

Since the movie lovers got their chance to socialise, it was only fair to give the same opportunity to chess enthusiasts. There are some sharp players amongst our ranks. They won third place in a business chess tournament organised by the prominent Serbian chess club Red Star. 

Praise for our competing chess players was not lacking, but they are not the only ones TNation teams have received. For example, our colleagues working on a collaborative project with a Dutch company received kudos from the client. In addition, their mobile app received a high score on one Android application review website.



Fast Approaching New Year Holidays in TNation

There is much more to be done and enjoyed. Random picker application selected Filip Popović, Bojan Bajić and Vojislav Ilić, who applied for photo sessions with Santa Clause. One of Belgrade’s renowned child photographers gives free vouchers to TNation employees each year. As a result, they will have a chance to make Christmas photo sessions in the professional studio with their families. 

The youngest members of the TNation and Newtec families will receive their long-awaited Christmas gifts. Therefore, our colleagues can delight 76 youngsters with DexyCo vouchers and new toys. Moreover, we can sense the Christmas spirit among our colleagues, who decided to gather outside the company for some chat, laugh and delicious pancakes. 

The upcoming year brings many new projects and opportunities for the company and the teams. We hope that we will have more entertaining moments and laughter next year than this one.

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