How Outsourcing Company Recruits the Right People

In today’s modern world, everything revolves around technology. Since it is evolving, businesses often turn to a software development outsourcing company. In the past few years, many of our clients noticed a large benefit of outsourcing projects. It saves time for their organization and provides access to a talent pool with the right set of skills.

That said, the client has to communicate the needs for the project to the outsourcing company. TNation’s top-level management holds a meeting with a client to set project expectations and requirements. During this consultation, the management creates client-centred goals and defines the technology stack.

Depending on the requirements, there are three models of software outsourcing:

  • staff augmentation,
  • dedicated team, 
  • project-based outsourcing.

This is the first step to determine the team requirements and recruitment process. All information that management gathers, is sent to the in-house HR department. How does an outsourcing company like TNation hire a developer for a specific project? Every organization has a diverse process, and here is how TNation selects talent for a client.



Insight to TNation’s Recruitment Process for Software Development Outsourcing

Hiring staff for the project is one of the essential tasks for an outsourcing company. Finding the right person for the job is a skill on its own. TNation recruiters rely on candidate base, technical knowledge, industry expertise, and reading people.

TNation is an outsourcing company with more than eight years of experience. Even with over a hundred employees, TNation developers are often occupied with tasks. For this reason, new recruitments are often necessary.

Abundant experience helps the HR department find extra staff quickly. An entire selection process lasts a couple of weeks. Naturally, it all begins with an initial meeting and building a development team. To provide the best candidates for the client, the HR department uses various methods.

Pipeline – The most used method that includes an existing base of candidates with specific skills.

Employee referrals – One of the best methods to find high-quality software developers.

Job Sites – A way to source a fresh large pool of talents.

Applicants – The candidates that apply on the website or through social media posts.


Finding the Right Developer for Software Outsourcing Project

Software developer job interview is not only a test of knowledge but the candidate’s ability to use it at the right time.

The IT industry has a fast-paced market that never sleeps, developers are in high demand. Each outsourcing company has to follow the technology, which is fast-changing and evolving. Every few months there is a software upgrade, standards or certification. Meaning that software outsourcing company employees have to adjust and update their knowledge.

This is one of the reasons and benefits of partnering with an outsourcing company. It saves the client from the expensive and time-consuming recruitment process. Of course, the recruitment for software development outsourcing depends on the client.

Recruiters task is to select candidates based on the client inputs. and the process of selection has to be as efficient and quick as possible. On some occasions, there is an experienced senior developer present during the first HR interview. 

TNation’s HR department is the client’s brand ambassador. They provide information on candidates’ previous experience, communication skills, and motivation. HR focuses on a dedicated candidate that will easily fit in with the rest of the team. But, the senior developer focuses on tech skills.

In other words, the experienced developer is there to assess the candidates’ skills:

  • What kind of experience do the candidates have with a programming language?
  • Do they respect programming processes?
  • How do they address the challenge?
  • Can they improve the code-base quality?

From there, the selection process may include real-time testing or live coding. These are often tasks with a specific time frame. These pre-hire assessments identify the best talent. So, the clients hiring decision is quicker and easier.

Development-Team-Outstaffing-For-Client Outsourcing Company


TNation Client Retains Control of Final Selection Decision

As a result of the selection process, the HR department sets up an interview between the client and the developers. More often, the clients are present during the HR interview and testing. The final evaluation is based on the client’s needs. Primarily whether the candidate complies with cultural and technical matching with client needs.

Long-term clients often rely on the TNation recruitment and evaluation of the candidates. Namely, because TNation advocates flexibility when it comes to clients requirements. Clients have the opportunity to conduct their selection process with the candidates.

Once the project starts, the TNation developers engage daily with the client’s representatives. These meetings handle the communication about the project and its reports. The TNation team is accustomed to using various tools and platforms according to the client’s specification.

Companies often outsource projects in lack of in-house technical skills or management time. All things considered, outsourcing is more than recruiting the workforce. It is a strategy of using external resources to accomplish business objectives. Global trends show that software development outsourcing is not reserved only for corporations. Small businesses and startups looking to generate business value can have equal benefits.

Outsourcing, Nearshoring Partner In Serbia

Software outsourcing company such as TNation can provide fresh expertise on your project. Take this as an advantage. We can help you understand the needed technology and the processes that fit your project. If you wish to hire developers in Serbia contact us.

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