Jubilee Awards

The past year in TNation changed the way how our daily lives will unfold onward. The COVID-19 pandemic has marked 2020 as the year of many challenges. The company’s staff transitioned to remote work, and we missed the annual party and the jubilee awards for our coworkers. Despite the pandemic, we decided to prepare a special gift for our six coworkers.

Jubilee awards are a token of acknowledgement of the people we work with each day. The same people that we laugh with, chat in the kitchen and reach a milestone together. Each year we reward our coworkers with a very unusual present.

At the beginning of December, our TNation superheroes received polymer clay figurines with unique character features. It took time to communicate their special quirks, expressions, accessories, and fashion choices.


Jubilee Awards

Surprise Jubilee Awards for TNation’s Superhero Employees

Sure thing, we had trouble concealing the surprise. You can’t cheat without sounding convincing, so we made up excuses to bring them to the company offices. The reason we gave them is “a new task” when in truth a surprise was waiting for them.

To say the least, our fellow workers were happy when we gave them their miniature versions. The mini character gifts seem to awaken the childish side of them. Some were jumping for joy, and some were even kissing their smaller versions. We have photos as permanent proof! 

In the end, that is what the holidays are for, giving, being happy and somewhat silly. As we age, we forget how it looks to be a child unwrapping that Christmas gift beneath the decorated tree.


We look forward to the next group of the company’s “seniors”. The New Year brings new hopes and dreams. We wish we can celebrate new superheroes in the following years in person. May their awards be COVID-free, surrounded by their family and people who are a part of the TNation rising family.