Employee Anniversary Recognition in the Form of Mini-Me Doll

Great employees are defined by their good work, loyalty, and diligence. And as each upcoming year draws near, TNation organises a work anniversary for all the staff members that stayed with us for over five years. This time, eight great colleagues received personalised anniversary gifts. 

We are different players in software development, but together we make a team that hits the home run when it matters. Therefore, it is only fair to have a small reunion with our fellow workers. Everyone with their strengths gives the best they can for their team, and we again prepared personalised Mini-Me dolls for each of them. 

These anniversary gifts are becoming an annual event in TNation. For the first time after a long season of working remotely, we managed to reunite in the company office and celebrate work anniversary with our coworkers. Needless to say that apart from the cake, we had a delicious spectacle spontaneously performed for us by a fellow worker Darko Denčić. In his inspiring role of presenter, who is one of our “senior” experienced professionals. 

With his performance and presented awards, a lot of laughter and giggles echoed the corridors of the TNation building. As every year, we thank everyone for sharing this moment with our colleagues. Ana Stefanović, one of the members celebrating five years in TNation, said to her coworkers: “Thank you very much for your dedication, collegiality, professionalism, and wonderful energy.”

As cliche as it sounds, good team members should be celebrated as the ones that shape and influence all the activities and software development we do in TNation as a team. We hope that the next group of teammates will join the “five plus club” with just as much laughter as this one. 



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