Osnovna Škola Miloje Pavlović

TNation Gifts a School a Foosball Table to Encourage Great Team Play

Public schools and nonprofit organisations are often struggling to deliver on their missions with limited resources. As a result, equipment is often costly and inaccessible to the schools. TNation focuses on helping the underserved schools with modest donations. One of them is Miloje Pavlović elementary school for children with special needs. To support and encourage teamwork, TNation gives away a foosball table.

TNation, as a software development company, is very aware of the importance of education and giving people a life chance and social mobility. Regardless of the disabilities, each child and young person has a right to educational opportunities.

At TNation, developing and preserving the team spirit is the core of outsourcing services. As incredible as it may seem, one way to do it is to provide a foosball table. Foosball is a challenging and competitive game. Players of both teams will often give their best to defeat the opponent.

Apart from entertainment, foosball develops hand-eye coordination as an essential skill. It is not exclusive to table soccer, but it gives a sense of pride and accomplishment when scoring a goal with a teammate.

In comparison to console gaming, it doesn’t give a sense of isolation. It enables interaction with team members and opponents. Point often overlooked is when these teammates support each other and predict what their partner is about to do. In doing so, it builds a silent understanding among the persons involved.

Finally, the game is about fun and is as attractive and addictive to many generations around the table. It is an activity for people of all ages. Many of our colleagues have developed priceless friendships and teamwork around it. We hope students of Miloje Pavlović will have a similar experience. The sense of sharing and belonging while holding on firmly to the handles of the foosball table.


TNation is a software development company in Belgrade. We build qualified and dedicated teams in nearshoring solutions.


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