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The Pupils of Elementary School Outsource Smiles for TNation

Outsourcing Company Donating for Kids? It’s Easy When You Have the Spirit

On every 27th January, all the schools in Serbia celebrate St.Sava’s day. For generations, it has been honored as a holiday with organized school festivities. TNation, an outsourcing company, donates presents for children of Elementary School Miloje Pavlović on this day. Each year, we share our joyful spirit with the children. However, due to the epidemiological situation, the packages were sent through a delivery service.

Around 130 youngsters with various disabilities attend Miloje Pavlović Elementary School. Each child is entitled to live with dignity, promoted by self-confidence in the environment that encourages their active participation in the community. TNation supports these goals and strives to aid the institutions that engage in similar objectives. 

Children are stimulated by the things happening in their environment. They react to sounds, interactions with others, and perhaps things like delicious sweets :). As we did in previous years, TNation sent the candy packages for every school child. Since we were unable to give them the presents in person, a delivery was made to the school doorstep. We are sure there were a lot of packages for school staff to manage. 

The personnel organized their way of presenting the gifts to children, and they were kind enough to send us photos of the event. We are a company that outsources software development services each day. Each service has its feedback, and the best one we received is 130 smiles from children of Elementary School Miloje Pavlović.

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