software development company
Dec 23

Choosing the Software Development Company Means Asking the Right Questions

Posted by Siniša Medić

Software development is a fundamental process. But, finding the right software development partner is an overwhelming task that begs the question of where to start?

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Dec 14

Why is Good Code and QA Important for your Business?

Posted by Rade Jovišić

Growing market and demand create a gap between good code and the quality of finished software. Take a look at what the Quality Assurance team lead says about good code

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Dec 7

Cross-Cultural Virtual Team Challenges

Posted by TNation

Cross-cultural teams do not have to be a challenge. We asked a Java developer to tell us her experience of working with intercultural team members.

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ageing developers
Nov 17

Age Does Not Define Old Developers in the Youth Obsessed Tech Sector

Posted by Jelena Kiso

The Tech industry is an ever-changing advocate for modern technology. According to the latest trends, ageism is becoming more visible in the IT arena.

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Nov 9

A Well Written Story is Driving Force of UX Design – User Personas

Posted by Uroš Petrović

A user persona is a supporting character in the plot that provides the UX designer with enough data for successful software development.

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Search Trends in E-Commerce
Nov 2

The Search Trends in E-Commerce, and Why Does it Matter for Your Business?

Posted by Vojislav Ilić

Search Trends in e-commerce are changing as much as technology. After pandemics, it seems they will stay.

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Oct 26

How Covid-19 Influenced Technology Adoption Process and Transforms Businesses Forever

Posted by Miloš Antić

During the pandemics, businesses quickly adapted to changes in work. But is this technology adoption response permanent?

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Oct 19

Exploiting Technology to Improve Business – Take Advantage of Digital Transformation

Posted by Siniša Medić

The purpose of business is to grow and develop. Without growth, the organisation faces stagnation, and digital transformation sets the companies apart in the market.

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Why Startups Fail
Oct 12

Avoid Pitfalls – Why Startups Fail

Posted by TNation

Startups begin with a vision and outsourcing software development. But, many obstacles need to be crossed over on the market road.

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Oct 5

Final Preparations for Going Live with a Mobile App

Posted by TNation

Going live with a mobile app can be stressful. But, taking precautionary steps before the launch can significantly impact the success of the release.

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