Why is Good Code and Quality Assurance Important for your Business?

There is a certainty that good code and Quality Assurance (QA) is essential in any business. As the consumers grew restless and 2020 was the breaking point of no return. To keep up with the demanding audience, companies had to resort to accelerating delivery through digital media. Along the way, some skipped these steps to deliver software and automation on time. 

Technology has been the greatest ally of many businesses, and its development is nothing new. Although everyone in the world knew it was the future for doing business, no one expected that it would come much sooner than anticipated. In much haste, industries developed software products such as web and mobile apps, and quality suffered. That means that the end-user or customer did not particularly enjoy the application. 

In today’s market, the quality of these products is much more critical because naturally, everyone uses technology to communicate and shop online. Offering quality of service and digital products are service, means consumer loyalty. Loyalty significantly impacts the software outsourcing market because many businesses turn to strategic partners for professional help. 

Additionally, technology evolves so fast that new tools are introduced often, and many software becomes outdated. Therefore, the future of any business depends on the excellent code written today. Therefore, QA is an integral part of software delivery because it can prepare the end.


Importance of Good Code

“Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Robert C. Martin, Software Engineer.

TNation is primarily offering outsourcing services, but we also have a Quality Assurance department growing each year. As a result, the division of highly qualified QA specialists is in high demand. We have clients from different countries and different requests. 

QA teams often test the brand new software and legacy codes that are often well written. However, there are times when disturbance sets in on poorly written code. This is because these codes are not written for humans, but for computers which means they are not upgradable, there is no room for improvements, and it takes time to interpret the author’s intent. 

We often think that code speaks for the person who wrote it. It often shows their standards, logic, passion, and vision. Clean code is reliable and has the flexibility to adapt to future changes. Many businesses outgrow their software and upgrading it is inevitable. 

It is not just the effort a tester has to make to interpret the code or developer, for that matter. It is also vital for the business itself. Great code ensures perfect software performance. It is scalable and meets deadlines. It also means fewer bugs or flaws, a higher rate of consumer satisfaction and an efficient process in the software development stage. Finally, several factors indicate its quality:

  • readability, 
  • consistency, 
  • dependability, 
  • maintainability, 
  • extensibility.



Importance of Quality Assurance in Software Development

Quality Assurance is a process included in Total Quality Management (TQM) alongside Quality Control (QC). It is a crucial phase in software development. For example, users are often dissatisfied with the overall performance of the software or application. Software is countless on the market, and consumers move on to the next one. Impatience and intolerance toward software that does not satisfy customers needs is the number one reason why many companies invest in Quality Assurance.

In real life, QA guarantees that the final software product will be the closest possible to early plans. That means that Quality Assurance specialists will review the software from all possible points and give enough information to developers to follow up on the agenda. Additionally, the rise of digital transformation and its results has had many companies question their previous decisions.


Reasons for investing in QA according to World Quality Report from 2021

According to the report, most companies opt for QA outsourcing as a viable option. 

  • 64% of North American companies claim they protect the corporate image with QA outsourcing for their software products.
  • 59% of UK businesses remark that they are getting a return on investment from their quality software. 
  • 69% of Japanese business owners claim that higher quality solutions are vital. 
  • 56% of organisations claim higher-quality solutions and highly responsive business demands will be the most crucial strategy
  • 70% of French companies recognise enhancing customer experience and satisfaction with the software as vital. 
  • 57% of Eastern European companies decide to develop higher-quality software and enhance user experience.


Famous Software Errors

There is a lack of understanding about QA processes and their complexity among the general public. So, perhaps that is the reason why they keep testing to the fundamental level. Limitations of testing can have a considerable impact not only on the final product but business as well. Any restrictions to ensure the software have no flaws can cost the company money, time, and above all, the image. Some defects are not about the money, but they do have a very high price. One software flaw can shatter people’s lives irreversibly.

  • Airbus had a software malfunction of the engine control, causing a catastrophe.
  • Yahoo, a media and tech company, had a gap in the software that showed 500 million credentials. 
  • NASA orbiter worth 125 million got lost in space in the 90s due to errors in measurement units.

These show the importance of Quality Assurance testing in the software development process. Systems are getting more complex, and it is crucial to check them for any hidden errors, regardless of the industry. Otherwise, it may impact the business or someone’s life.


Quality-Is-The-Best-Business-Plan Quality Assurance

Is QA Outsourcing the Solution?

Many companies have problems finding QA engineers and specialists, and they are not ready to expand their team despite the business growth. As a result, outsourcing companies are usually the first to hire Quality Assurance experts, allowing the clients to choose between the candidates. 

Being a regular part of the industry, QA engineers working for outsourcing providers are aware of constant changes in the industry. Relocating the team means working with specialists who are passionate about their job and are constantly in tune with the most recent trends and testing methodologies. 

QA testing requires many different procedures to ensure the overall quality of the product. The tasks are time-consuming and complex. By outsourcing, the company can free the internal resources and give them more time to focus on other tasks. 

Any business wants a quick project completion, which is why they turn to external providers. Meaning, that outsourcing QA services reduce time to market and helps companies gain an edge over competitors. 

The in-house Quality Assurance team is a project-based department, which means the company will utilise them only while the project lasts. The underutilised department is the main reason why companies choose to outsource QA software testing services. 

At the same time, development cannot compromise quality in the goal of quick service. The QA team is crucial in ensuring that defects do not pass unnoticed due to rapid growth. They will need to find a method to balance speed with diligence.

TNation is an outsourcing company offering Quality Assurance Services.

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