Tnation As Reliable Outsourcing And Nearshoring Partner In Serbia

Outsourcing Software Development – Why, When, Where

As the saying goes, software rules the world


This expression is why organisations choose outsourcing software development partners for their solutions. Besides, digital transformation and globalisation have made a shift in the market. As a result, companies now have infinite outsourcing opportunities worldwide.

Developing nearshore or offshore projects has become more manageable. Currently, there are numerous software outsourcing services. In addition, many states offer reasonable rates, and cutting costs is the primary motivation for outsourcing.

For that reason, Eastern European outsourcing companies are more popular. According to industry trends, Serbia is a solid competitor in the European IT field with 64,000 software developers. IT industry in Serbia centres around two major cities Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Western businesses that hire Serbian software outsourcing companies can expect cultural understanding, quality, and reasonable rates. For that same reason, tech titans like IBM and Microsoft settle their offices in the capital. Working alongside world-known brands are Serbian-owned companies. According to Clutch, TNation is the highest performing web development company in Serbia for 2021.


TNation as Reliable Outsourcing and Nearshoring Partner in Serbia


TNation is an offshore and nearshore outsourcing company located in Belgrade. We engineer reliable software solutions to match client’s business challenges. Our focus is to provide the best nearshoring IT services. 

We have a staff of seasoned engineers and software developers. For almost a decade we have been producing software for clients in more than eight countries. The best part of our company culture is people and teamwork. From the very beginning, we value cooperation between the team members. Thus, our careful recruiting methods include testing the following :

  • communication skills
  • tech skills
  • Advance knowledge of the English language 
  • Clean code approach



TNation Story 


During a vacation in Egypt, two motivated software developers and entrepreneurs discovered a market gap in outsourcing services. So, while musing over the Serbian IT scene, they built teams with skilled software developers.

Shattering the time zones, they became one of the first outsourcing companies in the country. By the end of 2020, the company established its name on the market with more than 15 recurring clients and numerous successful projects. TNations goal is to expand operations in Europe, improve client satisfaction and services.


Why Outsource Software Development


TNation’s patrons outsource software development with a specific idea and strategic plan. Yet, having an idea is one thing, but turning it into reality within time and budget limitations is another.

Outsourcing companies are there to make the idea reality. Hence, our motto is – making the impossible possible. Customers get excited while considering software development, but actualising the plan is daunting.

Hiring a software development team like TNation’s encourages clients to reach their full potential. We help them scale their IT resources and adjust to the current business necessities. The selection of teams has a task to align with clients’ specifications and needs.




Long-term customers know that we are sharing their success and challenges. It makes us more than a name in – outsourcing and nearshoring partner. Our organisation helps the client understand and take part in different stages of the software development process.


Assembling the client’s requirements is among the first stages of software development. Besides, TNation has in-house business analysts to develop customers’ initial ideas.


The UX design team makes a mockup of the project to show the crucial segments of the visuals of the software.


After consent from the client, the development team builds the software prototype.


Our QA department assesses the performance and capacity of the software. Their task is to ensure that code is clean and is capable of achieving clients’ business goals.


Implementation includes the step when software is moving to the production stage. Depending on its complexity, it can be straightforward or done in different phases.


Maintaining the software is the final step in the software development cycle. It involves upgrades and enhancements based on user feedback. 


When to Outsource Software Development


Outsourcing has become a practical choice for software development, thanks to today’s technologies. But, businesses are often unable to decide when they should outsource software development.


Tnation-Key-Assets Outsourcing Software Development



Hiring an outsourcing company is more cost-efficient than employing developers for a short time. Also, outsourcing companies provide a variety of skilled talent. In other words, the client has benefited by bypassing recruiting and hardware procurement.



It is a fact that outsourcing providers enable you to scale teams according to the project. In some cases, when businesses scale up, the software must follow the lead. One of the benefits of developing bespoke software is the convenience of reducing time and resources.



Many companies hire team members to fill the gap of their in-house team. As a result, they get on-demand talent, guidance, and expert support.   


In TNation’s experience, clients opt for a dedicated team model. This type of development team gives the client control over the entire project. 

A dedicated team model is a solution for many unknowns during the production stage or in the future. The team at TNation consists of various specialists, software developers, and engineers. The outsourcing software development process in TNation starts with a simple step – communication.


Trust and flexibility required to complete clients’ projects successfully guides the TNation. Therefore, we approach a client with transparent communication and straightforward, mutually established rules.” – Siniša Kresojević, CEO.


Working with us starts with a meeting to determine specific requirements and client objectives. Next, management shares information with the HR department and recruiters after the initial encounter. Then, we tend to find the best candidates for the client’s needs and niche within the next few weeks.

The number of team members can vary according to project specifics, whether a web or mobile application, software testing, or website development. Our developers have experience in different industries and many successful projects behind them.

IT outsourcing services are a cost-effective method of implementing IT solutions to any business. Companies collaborate with IT outsourcing companies to reduce labour costs, improve business performance, and have world-class talent.


TNation provides companies with product development expertise in building high-end software. We deliver quality work and are always within deadlines. Thereby, whether you are overseas or in Europe and looking for a nearshoring partner or dedicated software development team, call us

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