Virtual Happy Friday

TNation Held a Successful Virtual Happy Friday

Live Virtual Happy Friday

This Friday, we organized live Virtual Happy Friday for people of TNation company.

Our employees had a chance to chat, laugh and enjoy socializing. Since there are new colleagues joined our company in the previous period, this was a great opportunity to get to know each other even better. Therefore, we imagined an interesting game and people exchanged their interests, hobbies and some habits. The feeling was like we were all together in one space.


The idea of Happy Friday

Happy Friday is TNation event that employees rejoice always. This very popular event, we organize every other Friday, at the end of the working day.

The idea of Happy Friday is to spend some time together. Either with teammates or with people from other teams and departments. Above all, people like to relax and take a short break from a daily working routine.

For our people, that time is set aside only for leisure and socializing. Employees play various games, chat around, put together puzzles. They enjoy the snacks and drinks provided by our company. Very often groups play only various games in the Game room at premises.

Tnation Happy Friday

Virtual Happy Friday

Since the beginning of March, when we started remote work, our standard Happy Friday became a Virtual Happy Friday. 

Now the employees enjoy virtual socializing from their warm homes, on Friday after 4 PM. There are various plays on the agenda. The puzzle-solving, IQ tests, enigmatic personalities but the association is the most popular game among competitors. 

To make this event more interesting, we have introduced awards for one who first solves the association. 

Guess what is the prize?  Jar of Nutella 🙂

Virtual Happy Friday, Remote WorkWe are looking forward to every new Friday and the time when the Virtual Happy Friday will become only Happy Friday, with some new ideas and activities. 

Stay tuned and connected!

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