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TNation at IT conference – ITkonekt event

Last weekend, the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade hosted the ITkonekt conference. More than 90 IT companies participated in this event, which was attended by many visitors, lecturers and media representatives. TNation had the honour of supporting the whole event as a gold partner. Our colleagues who attended this event highlighted a lecture about Blockchain as particularly interesting because this is an increasingly popular field, mostly due to the sudden increase in the value of cryptocurrencies. They also reported hearing many useful things in the lecture by Håkon Wium Lie, the creator of CSS, who talked about the development of CSS and the problems encountered in the process.

Tnation Employees At It Conference - Itkonekt

Christian Spiewock from 3AP talked about the examples of good practice for creating custom elements in Angular Forms. UEFA’s ICT Business Partner Matthew Lentowczyk’s speech about UEFA’s digital services and what they offer was very interesting. He also talked about the challenges they were facing and their plans for the future in terms of implementing new technologies in their business. One example is digital match tickets, which reduce the costs of printing and distributing paper tickets, as well as counterfeiting. This was a very interesting event, which gave us the opportunity to hear about all the latest trends from the IT world. We were quite satisfied with the organization of ITkonekt and we would be glad to participate in future IT events.

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