Adult And Old People'S Shelter In Kumodraska Beograd Organizovali Smo Humanitarnu Akciju

The humanitarian campaign in TNation company

As a socially responsible company, we strive to participate in humanitarian activities and to help the most vulnerable members of our society. In addition to the ongoing campaign of collecting plastic caps “Handicap Cap” that started past months, we organized a collection campaign for the needs of the Adult and Old People’s Shelter in Kumodraska Beograd, which we expanded to other companies in the West End business center.

This institution of social protection has over 100 permanent residents, the most vulnerable old, sick and homeless people. These persons are, as a rule, in an extremely neglected state, and in most cases mentally altered, demented, old, unable to take care of themselves. In the humanitarian campaign, we have collected the necessary seasonal clothes and shoes and we hope that we managed to help a little and protect their living conditions. We will try to continue to be humane and active in helping those who need help, because of our little means a lot to someone.

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