QA Manual and QA Automation Courses

TNation has a separate department devoted to Quality Assurance in testing software, that helps to increase the customers’ confidence, as well as to improve the work processes and efficiency. Therefore, TNation Academy constantly organizes courses and trainings for both, internal QA agents and external participants. This time, two courses were organized, QA Manual Course and QA Automation Course. However, both courses are related to each other.

First, the Quality Assurance Manual Course took place with the duration of one month. All the attendees have passed different and complex techniques in manual testing and are now qualified for a complete QA testing process. Our professional QA team leader, Filip Šipka can be credited for this successfully completed training course.

Later the Quality Assurance Automation Course took place in TNation Academy for both, external and internal QA agents. The main focus of this course was effectively analyzing the quality of the software product. The course was completed within three weeks, and it was held by two of ours experienced Quality Assurance agents, Miloš Milošković and Nikola Đurovć. By enrolling this course, 12 participants became skilled and trained to work on performance and automated test tools.

Overall, both of the courses are of a great importance for attendees, because they were presented a way of preventing mistakes, as well as avoiding problems when delivering solutions. Hopefully, our training courses will help them to successfully complete the well-known quality assurance task „make it work all the time“.

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