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The web portal Politika.rs redesign – proud to be a part of

It’s been our great pleasure to be part of the creative process of redesigning the Politika website. As Politika is the oldest newspaper in our country and has a long tradition and loyal audience, the challenge and our responsibility were even bigger.

Main Goal

Our main focus was to bring a clean and modern look to politika.rs, in order to relieve the layout of unnecessary elements and density to improve readability and user experience in general. Also, we were very careful about making visual changes, because we respected Politika’s reputation as serious and credible media that have a deep connection with his readers. It’s been a tough but exciting challenge to make good visual modifications but to avoid going away from the established brand’s visual language to a more tabloid look.

Bringing Changes

To accomplish that, first, we had to adapt the container, where all the content displays, to wider screens. The old website container was intended for old narrow monitor types, which makes the overall look very intense and feel like compressed content.

Along with replacing the body font-family, increasing font sizes, images sizes, and importing more white spaces between sections, we have achieved a cleaner look and a more pleasant experience.

Special attention was paid to the top section, where we developed several different layouts that bring attractivity and actuality better to the reader. Also, every section was separately analyzed and adapted to a determined grid system, so that the user has a compact overall impression while scrolling. 

With paying attention to every little detail, such as rounded corners, comment bubbles, news descriptions summary, ads and banners, or color palettes, we added that final touch to the user interface. 

In the end, but aligned with the thinking of the web, we adapted a responsive version to all browsers and provided a better experience and readability to smaller devices also.

We are very proud that we had a chance to be part of this big process and to keep Politika up with new technology requirements and user experience needs.

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