AngularJS workshop at TNation

This month the employees in TNation are attending AngularJS course. Zoran Vulanovic, our employee in TNation is the lecturer. He is an experienced veteran in web development. With over 15 years of experience in this field. And he is in charge to bring close this wonderful framework to his students research article.

The main intent of this course is to show how can applications and websites behave more naturally and fluently using AngularJS. Also, how to reduce the level of work to create a really good web application. This framework resolves it all. So, at the very first lecture, Zoran and his students wrote Angular code through the introduction of an Angular app structure: Modules, Apps and Controllers.
Small insight into other lectures: Dependency Injection, two-way binding, Angular services, field validation using Angular …
Course is still in the progress. The knowledge is expanding. And among the attendees are QA Agents, Designers and .NET Developers. You never know when will you need AngularJS!

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