Three Types of Software Developers that Prefer Remote Work to Office

Since the onset of remote work, software developers are the ones that adapted to the new normal. Some were more than eager to welcome this new normal. Out of 100 developers, almost 80 of them will tell you they prefer remote work vs office. Why? Because of distraction. There are, of course, differences in opinion, but it comes down to the fact that most of them are intensely focused during their work and do not appreciate frequent interruptions. So, to illustrate the story, we came up with three types of developers that enjoy working remotely. 


The Wise One

This type of developer always appears as if solving the secrets of the universe. They are more likely to be senior software engineers capable of excluding all the noise of the world around them. Because they are known for coming up with unique ideas and problem-solving, they are naturally drawn to software engineering.

Apart from the essential personality trait for software developers, experience, the wise ones are also eager to share their knowledge. Thus they bring new solutions and steer the team away from sticky situations. Moreover, they possess a skill to concentrate intensely, and getting back on track can take time, a commodity far more precious to them. 

Remote WorkThe wise developer tends to value every second of the work, be more productive first thing in the morning and finish the work till mid-day. Additionally, a wise one permanently recognizes and accepts the peaks of work performance and tends to utilise them the best way possible.


Disorganised Creative

As every artist, these creatives are often misunderstood and appreciate the “work from anywhere” notion. However, more often than not, they despise commuting, and the time it takes away from the day. Since this type is laid back, everything in life takes a slow pace and disorganisation in some cases. 

There are always developers that are not as organised as the rest of the development team. Of course, they still have business goals in mind, but they often need to be given a more flexible timetable on occasion. 

Their day starts slowly, with a cup of coffee and browsing through email requests. Unfortunately, they often get distracted by various environmental influences, so many of them choose remote work. 

Software-Developer-Work-From-HomeThey can rise to the challenge and offer the best ideas, but they need a goal-focused team. The bottom line is that creatives appreciate a workplace where they can balance their life and work without compromising either of them. 


Patient Introvert

Because of their resilience to social contact, introverts are the perfect example of software engineer personalities that prefer working remotely. Mainly because in remote teams, everyone is as invisible as introverts. 

But, they are still a very productive part of the team, as they are the most patient ones. Patience is one of the lesser-known qualities a software developer can have. The industry is full of surprises, and some challenges can cause havoc within the team.

Working At HomeThe patient introvert is not banging the head over a keyboard trying to resolve the issue. However, patience is a virtue, and they will deal with even the most difficult situations efficiently and, most importantly, can continue with a job.

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Beyond the Different Software Developer Types

According to a Statista global survey in 2021, companies saw a 59.5% increase in remote software developers’ productivity instead of working in an office. In the age of advanced technology, companies resort to any digital means to offer better working conditions to their employees.

Working remotely does not mean “not being in front, means you are not working.” On the contrary, remote workers are increasingly productive because of fewer distractions and improved quality of life. Companies are aware that job happiness is equal to maintaining high productivity and reducing employee turnover. 

Putting together a team with different people brings success to the team productivity and success of the project. Therefore, the key is a perfect balance of wisdom, creativity, and meticulous patience. Finally, personality describes who we are as individuals and what we can bring to the team.

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