An Expert Interview – Backend Developer’s Perspective

We have over 3.6 billion people who use the internet across the globe. If you calculate, this accounts for about half of the world’s population. No wonder there are many opportunities for all people looking to be a part of the software development industry. Frontend and backend developer jobs are the most popular

There are only three things in life that truly matter for a job: passion, dedication, and satisfaction. Then, of course, there is the matter of finances. But, would you still do the same job for more money, but without fulfilment and a good working environment? If you think this one through, many people would say decisively no! So, we had a chat with one of our backend developers about the IT industry and software development career path. 

Branislav Stevanović is a backend developer, who achieved a lot for his age. He is also the one to make you laugh or make a random joke when you least expect it. Regardless of his affinity for comedy, Branislav has much experience in the industry. His journey through software development gave him a solid perspective in frontend and backend programming. 

Not that he complains, you get an impression that his journey through technology was a welcome one, and he finds it most instructive. Perhaps that is why he proved himself as a teacher at some point.


Frontend vs Backend Developer – Who Wins?

During our interview, there was a point when you would expect a joke on serious questions, but Branislav stayed true to his words. In the following text, Branislav shares some of his early beginnings as a backend developer and the software development industry in general. 

So how did you start as a software developer?

“I started my career as a backend developer where I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the business logic of the application. Its base, modelling, and architecture must be the foundation of any good application. After that, the desire to see the application development from another angle, I decided to step into the frontend world.”

Was it just circumstances or something else that drove him to change his perspective? He turned from the backend developer, and the side users cannot see, often humorously called “the dark side,” to the client-side and visual development. 

“The main differences between frontend and backend developers are the problem-solving approach itself. Whether you want to approach it by logical solving and formatting data for the end-user or transforming it into the appropriate format on a suitably edited page. In my opinion, the choice between these two phases is also a choice based on the same characteristics of the programmer – you do not choose the principle. Instead, it chooses you.” adds Stevanović.


After all that, how did you decide to focus entirely on the backend engineering career path?

“Going through work on major projects as a frontend and backend developer, I naturally saw that solving logical operations, data collection, and system modelling had me intrigued. So I think I found myself on that path completely. But, of course, I have never neglected the frontend, and I am happy to solve problems in this field as well.”




Things You Hardly Know About Software Developers

Statistically speaking, software developers have a higher learning rate than other professionals. The fact makes sense when you look at how fast the technology advances. But, then again, people seldom decide to become software developers without having an interest, affinity or love for the job. Furthermore, each developer prefers a particular aspect of the job.


What is your favourite thing about being a backend engineer?

“My favourite thing about backend development is flexibility! I can present the real problems of the system with models, organize the system and set up an architecture that will be sustainable in the long run.” 

Branislav adds confidently and continues to explain:

“I have reached the programming phase when architecture is, for me, the most interesting part of the project. System setup, early problem solving, optimization, speed, responsiveness are just some of the things that present me with a challenge and a desire to work.”

Following on his excitement, we asked Branislav to share his favourite programming languages and industries in which he has experienced:

“When we talk about choosing a programming language, my first love, as well as the language in which I feel most powerful, is C # in the package with .NET. I love the idea and its syntax and community, so learning new things inspires me every day to be a better programmer. So far, in my career, which is now more than six years, I have worked in many different industries: insurance, banking, medicine, freight transport, automotive industry, urban transport.

I think dynamic projects in a short time are the key to constant progress for me!”

Branislav is a passionate chess enthusiast, and during chess tournaments, he usually ranks high. Developers often find analogies between chess and software development. It is a strategy of problem-solving and finding the best route to resolve impediments. So, we asked our back-end developer whether or not he sees the connection between the two. His response was more than enthusiastic. It seems like his whole face just lit up.

“Yes, I love chess! I think there are many similarities with programming; you have to have good tactics to anticipate the opponent’s moves – like in the case of tester moves.” And there it was, the long-awaited humor and a knowing smile.

“All jokes aside, well-prepared moves in chess bring a better position and, in the end, victory. It is the same with programming. A good system brings a satisfied client and an excellent application.” Branislav adds more solemnly and adds that you need passion to do this kind of job day in and out.

During his career at TNation outsourcing software development company, he was given an opportunity to coach beginners and advanced trainees on C# in the TNation IT Academy

“When young people start programming, I think the most important thing is the desire to learn and the desire to prove oneself. If that and ambition exist, even beginners can achieve everything else. So you need to think carefully about everything that programming brings with it, and if you find yourself, the paths of programming open up on their own.”

Despite his sunny disposition, Branislav continues to explain what the journey meant for him. And the answer was quite emotional:

“For me, participating in the TNation Academy was a wonderful experience. I met great people, shared beautiful experiences and knowledge, and most importantly, helped my colleagues accelerate their careers’ development. But, they also assisted me to slip seamlessly into the world of mentoring.”


Software-Developers-Coursebackend Developer
TNation Academy – C# Development course


Decoding the Software Development in Croatia

According to local statistics, Croatia has more software development workers today than it did five years ago. The country’s industry is evolving exponentially by 4.3% every year, and like any other global country, they are struggling with a shortage of experts in the field. Branislav was engaged to join the client’s team in Zagreb. We asked him about the differences and similarities in the industry between the two countries. 

“Information technology, faculties, and Croatia’s IT industry are highly developed. Companies are very serious about it, with decades of experience and expertise. So I think they have great potential to have a serious share in global IT projects. As for the comparative work as a programmer in Serbia and Croatia. It is interesting to work with people from our region, to share experience and ambitions. I think that the IT industries in both countries are at an excellent level, and I sincerely hope that in the future, they will be at the very top of the global IT community.”


Where Software Developers are Headed in the Next Five Years

Information technology and its software development is a fast-changing industry. We cannot predict what will happen based on the current situation. It also depends on the further expansion of modern technology and innovation. But one thing is for sure; there will hardly be any front-end or back-end developer that will be idle. The demand on the market has surpassed the realistic numbers, and we can expect more people with different backgrounds joining the industry.

Work with the most competent software engineers there are. Then, give us a call, and you may hire a custom software development team from TNation. We are a software development company offering nearshoring services for European countries.

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