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Benefit from the Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare software development continues to affect the medical field in many ways. Data availability and digital transformation are reshaping how patients reach the medical service. During the global pandemics, a burden on medical organisations increases the service quality value. And while pandemics is urging on-demand healthcare, mobility has become a requirement for success among the competitors.

In the past years, we have seen the rise of on-demand healthcare, launching the medical industry into an era of digital transformation. Digital solutions provide mobile-friendly medical systems, making them available at any moment. This year, 55% of all medical-related web browsing in the EU occurs on mobile devices. This omnipresence of the healthcare system generates a customer-centered business model.

Developing custom healthcare software can improve the patients’ decision, optimise the practice, and enhance the customer experience. According to EU healthcare experts, the current trends and industry market exhibit growth in demand for medical software solutions. Predictions show that spending on digital health software will exceed EUR 232 billion in the European Union by 2025.



Why Healthcare Software Development?

Emerging technologies promote the expansion of healthcare apps and gadgets. Two years ago, around 195,000 digital healthcare and wellness apps found their way to digital distribution services. Owners of practice have invested in health app development and websites. The ongoing frustrations with patients who do not show up for appointment are long gone.

Today software replaces the time that human spends on dealing with cancelled or scheduled appointments. The advantage of having automated software within an organisation saves time and presents a complete insight into patients’ anamnesis.

Technology is changing healthcare delivery that personalises and manages patients information in the most practical way across all devices. Mobile devices allow patients and specialists to access information at any given time. 

For example, if we take Google search engine statistics, people research medical facilities before deciding. According to data, 85% of patients are likely to make an appointment based on technology used by the medical institution.

But, what are the benefits of healthcare software? There are many advantages for the organisation, clinical specialists and patients. Medical software reduces costs and increases coverage and quality of healthcare services. Healthcare platforms are just an example of what software development can do for the medical industry.


Benefits for patients

  •         A chance to make appointments and fill out records at any given time remotely
  •         Improving decision and ensuring a better quality of life during and after treatment
  •         Readily available communication with a personal physician through online channels
  •         Insight into lab results and individual health records
  •         Personal push notifications and reminders
  •         Value of additional information provided by the specialist on a health issue


Benefits for clinical specialists

  •         Improved collaboration with colleagues
  •         Easy time management in hospital
  •         Simple access to the medical records system
  •         Filtering records
  •         Reduced administrative workload


Benefits for health organisation

  •         Better process coordination due to single storage of information
  •         Communication tools
  •         Enhanced diagnostics due to simple management of records
  •         Integration with medical instruments
  •         Improved service quality
  •         Better patient satisfaction
  •         Healthcare Customer Relationship Management (CRM system)
  •         Reduced costs
  •         Billing system
  •         Cloud-based solution


Custom Healthcare Software Development in Practice with TNation

For almost a decade, TNation assists in designing and developing healthcare systems. We had clients over the years that opted for automation systems. This move to a more connected organisation drives productivity and significant technology improvements.


What can TNation offer to medical institutions?

Previous clients had an already planned idea in mind. Nonetheless, TNation offers the help of business analysts to develop the starting idea further. Once the client confirms that they are satisfied with the result, the arrangement moves to the production process.

We live in a world of paperless medical practices and hospitals. The TNation outsourcing team is well-versed in developing a cloud-based solution. This type of software is independent of local infrastructure and offers easily accessible storage via web browser and internet connection.

One of the projects was for a Norwegian client developing cloud-based software for a leading chain for refractive surgery. Our development team built software according to the client’s specifications. Its core is a standard management software with medical records system, journals, patient search filter, and appointment scheduling.

The purpose of developing such software is to take off the administrative workload from the user. A user-friendly interface allows quick and easy appointment scheduling, medical billing, staff planning and automated recall management.

More advanced features offer medical personnel an instrument integration. In other words, medical staff can record the data directly from the instrument and into the system. This integration makes patient data stored in one place and easily accessible by physicians.


Healthcare Software Development Benefits

The medical industry is ever-changing and growing. The diagnostics that were unthinkable just a few decades ago have now reached expansion with the support of healthcare software development. Technology offers ample room for exploration, and it enables medical professionals to pinpoint the diagnosis more accurately and efficiently. Hence the benefit of healthcare software development improves management and healthcare monitoring, all the while saving lives.


TNation has experience in working with companies that wish to outsource medical software development. We build applications right here in Serbia, at the heart of the Balkans. If you are ready for innovation, we are here to provide healthcare software development services.

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