We have ended a year reinforced with new colleagues.

Srdjan Dragic, Filip Cimbaljevic and Darko Kovac until recently were just individuals in loved with programming, working with people, chemical experiments and much more… But what is common for these three young professionals is that they enrolled courses at the TNation Academy . They decided to become the best attendees at courses (Darko Kovac – JavaScript course, Filip and Srdjan – Quality Assurance). Lecturers from the TNation Academy and the organization of TNation company recognized the work, dedication and team spirit that all three of them – each in their own way have express. After the courses have been finished and certificates have been awarded – Darko, Filip and Srdjan started working/practice in TNation as part of our TNation family.

Darko Kovac – started practice as JavaScript Developer. He has a Bachelor degree in Economics, but he prefers Front end development, photography and video editing. In this short period being on practice in TNation he became a valuable part of our Front end team and we are sure he we’ll soon start working in TNation company as JavaScript Developer.

Filip Cimbaljevic – started working in our QA department after he successfully mastered QA course in TNation Academy. He is a humanitarian who speaks German and Italian and loves playing basketball and from December 2017 – he can add QA Agent in TNation company to that list.

Srdjan Dragic – always knew he loves software and information, so he went to University of Vienna, department software and information engineering and studied abroad. After his studies he became science teacher in his home town Bor. Although, he loves working with children – he was ready for a change so he started going to QA course in TNation Academy. Srdjan has a specific personality, which enables him to be accepted by anyone. He is a hardworking,  detail oriented and knows basic Java programming. Same as Filip – he is a QA Agent in TNation company  doing manual testing, but we expect soon to be an QA Engineer – writing beautiful tests using Java.

Those are our newly employees. But we are still growing and we expect more excellent candidates that we’ll join our team.