Security Awareness Training In Tnation Company

Security Awareness Training in TNation Company

Security awareness in TNation company is on the highest level of importance, and as such, we organized training program for educating our employees about computer and information security. This security awareness process was presented to all TNation employees, in order to ensure them to be aware of the importance of protecting sensitive information, what they should do to handle information securely, and the risk of mishandling information. Being a customer-oriented company that provides outsourcing services, this is of a great importance for TNation’s progress and success.

On the other side, the challenge of being present on such of training, was the lecturer himself, Milan Škoro, our long-year business partner, who delivered the security awareness training in such professional, interesting and entertaining ways.

Various topic were covered, however the main focus was on the most critical security issues in the organization. Risks that can be caused by poor security knowledge and practice were introduced, as well as the ways that the employees should behave in order to protect the company against threats that come with technology. A long discussion was developed over the leading malware, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, Root kits, logic bombs, spyware etc.In addition, the best practices to avoid these threats were discussed, as well.

The training was very successful, helpful and effective for all of us. The result of the program was that we all, the employees of TNation, became completely aware of the consequences of the lack of security awareness. We are looking forward for another kind of training program.

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