New Year'S Event

New Year’s Event for the children of TNation employees

In the spirit of the New Year’s holidays, we have organized a magnificent New Year’s event, the giving away of presents to all the children of our employees in TNation.

Play and presents

Children had the opportunity to enjoy the cheerful, two-hour program, organized in a popular playroom in Belgrade. The program began with the Sleeping Beauty play for children, which they watched with the incredible attention. Afterwards, Santa Claus has shared his magic and gave sweet presents to all the children. This New Year’s┬áevent has been followed by inevitable photo shooting with children, parents and their friends. Meanwhile, playroom echoed with laughter and the joyful children’s play, while parents were chatting and watching their little ones in a relaxed atmosphere.

Children – our gratest motivation

The smile and the satisfaction on the children’s faces, and faces of our colleagues, give us a guarantee that we will all do our best in the coming year, to be good, hard-working and successful, and that we all deserved gifts from Santa Claus ­čÖé

The only thing left for us, is to come up with a new idea, to get together again and have a good time.


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