Tnation News, Productive-And-Inspiring-Summer-Holidays

TNation News, Productive and Inspiring Summer Holidays

The season of summer breaks and vacations is behind us, but we were diligent and active in the previous months. As always, the company teams and departments had a lot of activities during seasonal holidays. We are proud of our teamwork even when we have a friendly competition among ourselves. As always, TNation had productive and inspiring summer holidays.


Instead of Software, Football Development Model

Within the teams in our organisation, there are a lot of soccer fans. Therefore, each year we organise the Fantasy TNation League as we named it. This summer, the undeniable winners are our colleagues Miloš Podgorac, Petar Pavlović, and Filip Popović. 

TNation FPL 2020/2021

There was persistence and competitive spirit until the very end. But, there is always a friendly handshake as a conclusion of the match. As a result, they received well-deserved awards, as befits the best contestants. The new soccer fever is already underway, and we are looking forward to the winners of another season. 


First Visitation From International Client after Pandemics

At the end of August, we had a visit from a Danish client. Although the TNation team has been cooperating remotely and “at a distance” for a long time, this was the first official live meeting. Our company welcomed the guest, mainly because it was the first client visit after a year of COVID-19.

Visit From A Danish Client
Visit from a Danish client

Both business and the friendly visit ended after several unforgettable days in Belgrade. During the client stay and interaction between the team and management, some new ideas are born. 


Strategy and Logic in Software Development and Chess

As of the past year, the annual chess tournament has taken place online. This year, 14 colleagues participated in a friendly match. As always, everyone fired up their computers passionately. In TNation, there is a great deal of respect and love for the game. Our colleague Bane Stevanović is still defending the title of grandmaster from the previous year.

Tnation Chess Tournament 2021.
TNation Chess Tournament 2021.



Another Autumn and New Generation of TNation Schoolchildren

With golden leaves in autumn, another generation of TNation schoolchildren gets ready for new tasks and challenges. It seems their parents and our colleagues are doing homework, just a little to update the classroom materials alongside their children. So TNation prepared delightful packages for our youngest students to convey our wishes for a successful and happy school year.

Tnation Schoolchildren



Introducing TNation in Vojvodina ICT Cluster Online Event

Alongside elementary schools, future IT professionals are attending courses. And so, the Vojvodina ICT cluster invited TNation to participate in an online event for their trainees. The goal of the meeting was the introduction of the most successful IT companies in Serbia. TNation gladly responded to the call, selecting Miloš Podgorac, Ana Stefanović, and Uroš Stepanović to represent the company. In addition, each in its domain tried to answer numerous questions of the participants:

  • projects we work on,
  • the candidate selection process,
  • commonly used technology, 
  • how to succeed in the IT world, and so on.
TNation at Vojvodina ICT Cluster Online Event

The event lasted for little more than two hours, and the atmosphere kept everyone in high spirits. Our experienced trio enjoyed a conversation and discussion with future successful IT professionals.



There is Always Time for Socializing and Collaboration

Our employees often attend occasional team gatherings with the team members of long-term clients’. 

Tnation Team Gatherings


Winter is Coming, and with it, New Colleagues.

The best among mentioned TNation news is that the company is wealthier with 20 new colleagues. In addition, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere within the organisation helped them successfully blend in and into their teams. According to our team leaders, they are more than ready for new projects in the following months. 

As an outsourcing company, we had substantial growth within our organisation. Alongside the business we are expanding our staff, and our recruiters are actively seeking Senior .NET developers, Senior Angular 2+ developers, Senior Java developers, Senior JS & React developers, and QA engineers.



TNation Expands the Audience Online

Likewise, the company can boast that the site traffic and presence on LinkedIn and Facebook networks have increased by 50% compared to the last year. For that reason, we invite you to support and follow up on our activities and announcements.

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