Online New Year Party

TNation’s Online New Year Party on Google Meet

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans for holiday events were changed. Although the TNation had to adapt to working from home, the celebrations of the end of the year had to go digitally as well. On the 24th of December 2020, we organized the Online New Year Party via Google Meet.

The invitations to TNation employees were sent through email, and more than 30 people responded. As everyone tuned in from their homes, the group chat turned festive. Our colleagues were in a good mood and changed their usual headsets for holiday accessories. The overlapping talk and muted microphones were not the only reason to have a good laugh.

Online New Year Party On Google Meet
Online New Year Party on Google Meet

Throughout the meeting, we remembered the good things in the year behind us. Looking forward to the upcoming year, we discussed our future as a team in the company. It is always informational to contemplate the positive and negative sides of previous work. From there, some great ideas were born on how to improve and collaborate on new tasks ahead.

Despite the lack of the usual celebration within the office, we had fun! Somehow the online version seemed more personal. This made us wonder if the online environment will have more impact on everyday activities in the future. The entire world too, now debates the pros and cons of the virtual space becoming the new traditional.

Speaking of tradition, we were announcing the winners of the holiday tree contest. It seemed that a long-distance competition was more fun than we could imagine.

Despite the separation, we exchanged good wishes for the New Year with our colleagues. As time progresses, we hope that the pandemics will not change how we treat each other. Whether this digital world stays or not, we look forward to having an opportunity to meet in person.

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