Top Growing App Ideas 2023 And Market Size

Top Growing App Ideas 2023 and Market Size

There is an app for everything. These days, we hold power and can decide what we want as consumers. There are thousands of applications out there. We can watch any movie with a few clicks or find any information we desire in a matter of seconds. With this freedom of choice, we have become extremely picky about the apps and products we use. In turn, companies must become more innovative when using technology to develop new app ideas.

Although it sounds unlikely since there are all kinds of apps. It’s always important to tap into the uncatered audience or provide another way of using the existing mobile app category. Hence, this article will give you an insight into the following:

  • top app categories that show signs of growing in 2023
  • market size and statistics
  • app ideas 2023

Growing Mobile App Ideas

Growing Mobile App Ideas That are Moving to The Top of Play Store in 2023

As the connected world grows, there are apps for everything. Many help businesses grow through customers, others are made for entertainment, and some help people stay tuned in their daily lives and goals. You can see a pattern here. People want help in amusing themselves and finding the easiest way to solve their problems. All of these boil down to a single factor, the user.

The best mobile or web app is the one that solves a specific problem or answers the question for the user. Simple? Not really, when you sit down to think of a new app idea. The chances are it already exists. If it doesn’t, it means it caters to a specific group of people.

If you think about it, there must have been a time when you thought, why isn’t there an app for this, or you found an app, but it doesn’t solve your concrete problem. That’s called a gap that should be used by all means. Before we jump to app ideas, let’s analyze some of the leading ones at the top of the Play Store, their categories, and their features.

Most Popular Apps on Play Store at the End of 2022

If you take a look, the Play Store has 3.55 million apps. However, some perform better than others. These have better rankings or more significant download numbers. In other words, they satisfy the user’s needs for one reason or another. Let’s look at a few of the popular apps that made it to the top of the 2022 Play Store list.

Wombo AI

Artificial intelligence has been used for years now in many different industries. It is not new; it’s been around for years, but users are entertained by the notion that AI can create things humans do. Wombo turns written ideas into visual art in vibrant colors that attract many people. It is in the art category and has more than 10 million downloads. It makes sense when you look at the vast specter it reaches, from art hobbyists, real professionals, creatives of all kinds, and the curious about technology achievements. Painting an image takes space, material, and time. Hence since we live in a very digital world, people are willing to translate their ideas into the digital world.


Breathwork is in the health and fitness category that shows growth even in 2023. The truth is people work hard and neglect everyday life. Stress is the number one trigger for many health issues. In other words, we now need a reminder to care for ourselves before anything. Breathwork gives a user a chance to exercise breathing for a few minutes a day. It solves many problems, such as sleep, relaxation, boosting energy, and more. In addition, the app keeps track of the user’s previous sessions, which gives a user an insight into their journey to a goal.

Most Popular Apps On Play Store

Little Lunches

Little Lunches is in the food and drinks category, but, in essence, it’s a meal-planning app targeting families with children. We live in a busy world, but parents still want what’s best for their children. It gives a treasure trove of recipe ideas, articles, and videos with pediatrician information and grocery delivery. It is all in one place, with a few clicks. The app caters to the users’ needs in different ways. They back up their knowledge with a team of chefs, pediatricians, dieticians, and feeding therapists.


Linktree is an exciting app that caters to creators in the social media category, with a high score of 4.9 stars. It was first aimed to resolve the problems of Instagram creators that cannot share any links apart from the one in the bio. This is why it creates a single link out of many that are shareable on social media. It is a custom profile within a single link. Neat and so simple.

Daily Diary

Daily Diary is in the lifestyle category of apps with a high rating of 4.9 stars and 59K reviews. In essence, it’s a personal diary with security protection, the ability to add photos, a calendar mood tracker, and daily reminders. The application can be used by different groups of people, from students to business professionals. It’s simple, and they keep adding new features based on user feedback.

Key Takeaway from Play Store List

The truth is that there is an app for everything, even checking up on your plant’s health. However, if no users have specific problems and desires, there would be no apps. The key takeaway is that each app resolves the issue and adds additional value, constantly improving and providing helpful information.

We cannot predict the preferences of each user in matters of color and sound, but we can build an app based on their feedback and needs and provide a solution. Hence here are some steps to take before deciding to develop an app:

  • identify a problem that the app can resolve
  • find a solution to the problem
  • research competitors for similar apps
  • understand the user behind the app
  • follow the trends
  • design simple and effective

Top 3 App Categories that will Grow in 2023

Statista market and consumer data research company provided the data on growing revenue for specific app categories from 2017 to 2025. As per their research, Statista discovered that some segments outperform others, but in essence, they are all multi-billion dollar industries.

#1. Gaming Apps

Although it is nothing new, the game segment is still taking the lead with a revenue of more than 200 billion dollars in the US alone. There is a vast audience worldwide for gaming apps, and the number is not negligible.

#2. Social Apps

According to Statista research, users spend 95 minutes a day swiping through short videos on social platforms. In addition, the market shows growing interest in photo-sharing apps designed for social media platforms. Statist claims that the segment will continue to grow and generate a revenue of 613 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

#3. On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps have grown in popularity since the pandemic outbreak. However, the segment shows no signs of stopping, as it still resolves users’ needs. According to Statista, the on-demand market will continue to grow by 2025.

Best App Ideas For 2023

Best App Ideas for 2023

Any app idea should solve someone’s problems, create new opportunities, and simplify their lives. Therefore, when you are coming up with an app idea, it is essential to keep the ultimate goal of your mobile app in mind. It doesn’t matter how innovative technology is or what kind of graphics can be utilized – if it does not solve the user’s needs or make things easier for them, your application will sink faster than the Titanic.

We at TNation love to help businesses, big and small, grow by creating great apps that top-notch professionals build. Hence, as an outsourcing software company, we have gone through hundreds of app developments and tested many of them so we could provide you with the best app ideas for 2023.

Productivity Apps

We live hectic lives and often rely on technology to help us during the day. Apps that help us be a better version of ourselves, educate us, or remind us are just a few niches that will always have an audience. Whether a business professional or a college student, there is always some app you use throughout the day.

Location-Based Apps

Although it’s not new, location-based apps are yet to grow. This is because many industries can harness their power to break through the busy market. For example, a restaurant can have a menu ready for the people who pass by their door. Offering more than others conveniently will always resonate with the audience.

On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps will continue to grow, from grocery delivery to beauty products. It is one of the segments that are always in need of a service or a product.

Recognition Apps

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of products, but we can learn and find the exact product we need with recognition apps. Moreover, many industries can use such apps, from education to furniture stores.

App Development & Key Takeaways

Mobile devices are becoming a part of our daily lives. It’s no longer a way to call someone but to store information, educate ourselves, help us sleep, or complete goals. It’s no wonder something we carry in our pockets has become so important. With it, mobile apps are getting more critical.

There is always a segment that needs to develop and a market whose needs still need to be met. However, extensive research and creativity are behind finding the right way to build a successful app. App ideas are not happening in a blink of an eye. It takes time to develop a specific problem and find the software solution.

For example, the travel industry can utilize the app in many different ways, from virtual reality travel to booking a room. The more the consumer is acquainted with the room or location, the more likely they will opt to go with that specific agency giving them insight into this new part of the traveling experience.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether there is an app for that, but it’s essential to gather the pieces of the puzzle and present them in a simple, efficient way to the consumer. There is a new future for app development and its integration with new technologies. Improving the consumer experience and how they go about their challenges defines a successful app. If it resolves their problems, they will be more than happy to interact with it.

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