Unlock Your Business'S Potential With Team Extension Model

Unlock Your Business’s Potential with Team Extension: Maximize Efficiency and Growth

The team extension model is one of the best ways to expand and improve your business project. It allows you to expand operations while controlling costs and risks. Meanwhile, you can access specialized skills and expertise without hiring a full-time employee. Of course, the total benefit of using the team extension model depends on your specific project, but most of the time, it helps you reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Uniting Companies And Individuals

Uniting Companies and Individuals – Growing Teams

Let’s talk about what the team extension model is by definition. It’s a project management approach that involves using external resources and services to supplement the skills and capabilities of the internal team. For example, at TNation, an outsourcing software development company, it involves coordinating our resources with your internal team to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

The team extension model is typically used when the project requires specialized skills or expertise unavailable within the organization. External resources like ours are generally selected based on their knowledge and experience.

Team Extension Model and Outsourced Developers

Experience in specific technology and similar projects and a developer’s knowledge are why companies outsource developers to work on particular projects or tasks. This is generally done when an organization needs specialized skills or resources that they don’t have in-house, and it’s a cost-effective way to get the job done.

The team extension model is a way of leveraging the advantages of outsourcing development while maintaining control over the project. It involves bringing in an external development team to work alongside the in-house team, with both teams working together on the same project.

This allows the company to benefit from the specialized skills of the external team without having to give up control of the project. The team extension model also allows for improved collaboration between the in-house and external teams and greater scalability and flexibility.

This ultimately leads to a higher quality end product and improved efficiency. Outsourcing developers and the team extension model can provide an excellent way for companies to maximize their resources and bring in expertise without giving up control of their projects. It can also ensure seamless integration between the departments. An extended team is the most common choice for small and medium businesses, which helps them complete tasks with the right resources.

Maximizing Output And Leveraging Benefits With Extended Team

Maximizing Output and Leveraging Benefits with Extended Team

A valuable team means a lot for a project. When running a business, one of the most important decisions you can make is whether to hire an extended team or manage the operations on your own. Hiring a comprehensive team of professionals can have many advantages that can help the business reach higher levels of success.

Hiring an outsourced team with a team extension model, there are several benefits you can get:

  • Hiring specialist worldwide
  • Expand your in-house team and technical capacity
  • Save time and resources on the recruitment process
  • Focusing on business goals
  • Improving the team’s productivity
  • Faster time to market
  • Staying in control of the software development cycle

Cliche as it sounds, the world is vast, and you can choose the right outsourcing partner anywhere, regardless of your geographical location.

How to Choose the Right Team Extension Services

When the project starts, its final goal is to hit the market successfully. During the process, all team members work together to deliver the software.

Choosing the right team extension services is more than cherry-picking the developers and other specialists. It’s about trusting the partner that will provide seamless integration into your team. The only way to do it is to talk to them about the specifics of the process and how they manage it.

The truth is that your relationship doesn’t stop there, and as you would hire an in-house team member, there should be an onboarding process for the extended team. This is especially important if it is a long-term arrangement. Hired developers need to be able to see themselves as a part of the team. Otherwise, you might just reconsider outsourcing the entire project.

Lastly, setting clear expectations, requirements, and KPIs is essential to ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what the project will require. It’s well-known that people are more productive when they know what is expected of them.

When is the Right Time to Utilize Team Extension Services

As mentioned, the right team extension services can complete your current software development team. However, many business owners are uncertain whether they should use these services for their businesses. They often feel like it’s not that much of a problem. But we are here to tell you that many companies come to us as a means to repair the damage done.

In software development, everything is possible, but if the software is done right from the start, then you will not have unexpected issues in the future. So, here are the main reasons you might need a team extension.

  1. Continuous requirements for the core engineering team
  2. short-staffed in specific technology
  3. needing migration services and demand for clout team
  4. enhancement of organizational challenges when extended team managers can contribute to your goals.

Team extension may be a permanent or temporary outsourcing solution depending on the specific needs of your business and project. At TNation, we assist hundreds of companies worldwide and help you access the vast talent pool. You can choose team members and participate in finding the right members for your team extension.

Hire your extension team now and unlock the potential of your business! Get the extra help you need and make your business project a success!

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